Max Custom Tailor

Our Process

Step 1: Book An Appointment
Max Custom Tailor is a family friendly store and we always welcome our walk-in clients.Since we are also visiting our customers at the ease of their premises in neighboring cities,we highly recommend you to book your appointments at least a week prior to your visit.Consider a time slot of at least 45-50minutes to discuss everything in detail and getting measured up.
Step2:Select Your Fabrics and Other Details
In our one on one meeting,feel free to express your choice or requirements of a custom made garment.We offer a wide range of fabrics varying in weights,textures and patterns to match everybody’s taste and budget.At Max Custom Tailor, you have an option to choose your own lining, buttons, accents,collars and a lot more options to make your garment best suited for your needs.
Step 3: Measurements
Getting measured up correctly for your personalised suit is truly a key.Allow a time of 5-10minutes to have all the details needed and yes of course we save that record for you and keep it updated timely.
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November 4th, 2016_Sifu draws chalk lines for a suit to be cut Empire International Tailors fitting room. By Joseph Lam
Step 4: Production
Our team of experts back in South-East Asia start with the production based on the notes and measurements taken during our meeting.We anticipate the turnaround time of 3-4weeks from the day of order until everything is ready in hand at our  store in Madison.
Step 5: Final Fitting
Once the garment has arrived,we will fix another meeting with you to try it out.We take care of any final adjustments in house,if needed until we reach our customer’s satisfaction.
Step 6: Ready For Pick-up
In case of any adjustments needed we take time of a day or two and finally the nicely packed garments are ready to be picked up!