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Understanding the difference between a topcoat and an overcoat, where the earlier one  being a lightweight above the knee-length piece of fashion, an overcoat is usually constructed of heavier materials like wool or cashmere, extends to around or below the knees; is single or double breasted; possesses just a single vent in the back.

An overcoat has been an essential part of a gentlemen’s closet since its invention in the 18th century.The garment was not just worn by the people of great prestige and dignity in society but was also a part of the uniform for both professionals and military men.

With time the overcoats gained its importance and became available to all the working class men.This universal and classy garment made its place in every fashion oriented men’s wardrobe.Most importantly it works very well in cold weathers.

Why Bespoke Overcoats?

An Overcoat worn especially in cooler months is not only supposed to keep you warm but very much represents your taste of fashion at the first look as it is worn on top of a suit.Any readymade baggy, over-lengthened or low quality piece can be an instant disgrace in social events.

For anyone who understands the true value of bespoke tailoring, must know that it involves a lot of details to produce a piece that perfectly matches your comfort and personality.

At Max Custom Tailor, we offer a great selection of wool and cashmere fabrics with your choice of linings and buttons, the style matched to your temperament and the fit suited to your body, the garment is produced keeping in mind your profession or the event it is designed for.So value your money and get all the details possible for your overcoats adding life and  produce a piece you will love to wear again and again.

Reserve your personal consultation with Max to create a bespoke overcoat and right away upgrade your style!